Just a few years ago Richard Lawson and his wife Roxana, a Costa Rican native, residing in the states,and an ESL teacher,  a season traveler with a vast knowledge in the travel industry, decided to commence NIRVANA VACATION RENTALS  as a way of keeping themselves occupied, meeting new people from around the world while in retirement. Richard  ( Buck for those who know  him well) a native of Michigan, holding a Mechanical Engineer's degree from the University of Michigan, and involved in the waste water treatment systems, wanted to relax and share stories about their travels, their water treatment business and the status quo of our nation.

Well, five years have gone by and their vision paid off, NIRVANA VACATION RENTALS surpassed their expectations, but Buck had  no desire to stop. He loves to get up in the morning and go to work. Roxana on the other hand has plenty to keep her occupied between her love for gardening and animals, and plenty of them they have. So their children: Alejandro, a native Californian, fell also in love with their concept and along with his wife and little Alessandro decided to jump on board Buck's and Roxana's vision and manage what is today, one of the best little well kept secrets. A beautiful place in the heart of the city, where those of you looking to get around Costa Rica on a fix budget can do it. NIRVANA VACATION RENTALS is located just a mile east of the international airport. You are within walking distance from Costa Rica local markets, butcher shop,bakery store,dental offices even a casino. But most important of all is the fact that the bus services are within walking distance (100 ft) You can mobilized yourself and  visit San Jose's museums, shops, art galleries,local and international restaurants by foot, with-out having to incur in car rental or any other type of expensive  transportation.

NIRVANA VACATION RENTALS  is the perfect venue to feel at home, with the advantage of enjoying the buzz from the locals, and  why not take this opportunity to practice your rusted Spanish skills. Locals really appreciate your enthusiasm while talking to them.

So, if Costa Rica is your your future travels consider NIRVANA VACATION RENTALS  for your lodging plans. Drop us a line. We will get back to you in a window frame of 24 hours. Fell free to give us a call in Costa Rica or call our numbers in the USA and have a chat with either Buck and Roxana. They will be thrill to assist you with your next visit to Costa Rica.

And don't ever forget that; Costa Rica es "Pura Vida"


"A Top  Place To Visit In  Costa Rica"

Rio Segundo.Alajuela
Contiguo a Multicentro
1 Mile East International Airport
25 Miles West From Downtown- San Jose
Ph: 506 2430-9587   ****506 8449- 0629

USA: 209 986 6979**** 209  986 8208